Permanent Residency

The Program

  • Investment in real property for a temp residence visa - valid for 1 year

  • During temp residence visa apply for a temporary residence permit valid for 5 years

*Investment after residence visa application is approved

  • Family (w dependent children) included.  Visit Spain at least once per year

  • After 5 years of holding the temporary residence permit, eligible for permanent residency.

* No physical residence is required to apply for PR status

  • After 10 years of legal residency (temporary or permanent) eligible for naturalization.

Investment Required

  • At least €500,000 in property (one or more)

  • Minimum investment amount is mortgage free

Process & Timeframe

  • Due diligence check to ensure eligibility for application approval

  • Visa application forms, questionnaires, and translation and legalize supporting documents completed & submitted

  • Explore and shortlist investment opportunity that best suits your needs

  • Banking and account opening formalities to transfer the funds required

  • ~20 days for application to be approved

  • Visit Spain to receive all documents & residency permit card/ delegate power of attorney to a legal representative and complete property purchase

Fact Sheet

  • Global Passport Rank: 4

  • Visa Free Access: 185 Countries

  • Ease of Doing Business Rank: 30

  • Low personal & company taxation

  • Corporation tax regime 29.5%

  • Low inheritance tax

  • Stable economy

  • Well educated population

  • Excellent healthcare system

  • First-class education system

Why Spain

Spain, a country on Europe’s Iberian Peninsula, is known for its rich culture, ancient history, splendid beaches, unique architecture and Mediterranean diet rich oil, fish and fresh vegetables making it the top destinations for expats wanting a healthy lifestyle.
The weather is predominantly warm Mediterranean climate, with dry summers and winters with balanced temperatures. Besides Tourism, manufacturing, agriculture, energy, electricity, Exports/ Imports - Pharmaceuticals, metals, machine tools, etc., are the biggest industries of Spain.
Spain has a strong economy. Healthcare in Spain is known to be amongst the world’s best and education

Money Matters

Government Main Applicant 3,000
Processing Main Applicant 5,000

Tax System

  Resident Non resident
Personal Income Varies by state and each autonomous region (max of 48%)
> €60,000: 43.5% in Madrid
>€175,000: 48% in Catalonia
>€120,000: 48% in Andalusia
24% flat on income from Spanish sources
Savings Between 19% and 23%
*includes capital gains and investment income such as dividends and interests
Rental Income At personal income tax general rates
Personal Net worth 0.2% to 2.5%.
*Differs in autonomous regions (Madrid does not levy net worth tax)
Inheritances and gifts 7.65% to 34%,
*differs in some autonomous regions
V.A.T 21%.
Goods and services :10%, 4% or exempt.
Corporate Progressive (max combined effective tax rate is 29.5% for profits exceeding €35m)

Education System

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Healthcare System

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