Permanent Residency

  • Visa-free travel into and within the Schengen zone

  • No minimum stay in Hungary

  • No proof of accommodation needed

  • The possibility to live and work in a safe and central European location

  • The option of tax residency (with very low business and personal taxes)

  • Lifetime residency in exchange for just 5 years’ financial commitment

The Program
Hungarian Investment Immigration Program (HII Program)

The HII program gives foreign investors the opportunity to obtain permanent residence by investing in Special Hungarian Government Bonds. These particular bonds have a five-year minimum maturity time period and are issued by the Hungarian Government Debt Agency. The Hungary State Special Debt Fund is the only entity that is authorized to handle the investment funds foreign entrepreneurs put into these government bonds.

Investment Required
Investors must subscribe to the Special Debt Fund’s shares and the minimum investment amount is 250,000 Euros. Importantly, the shares will be 100% redeemable after the five-year maturity time period, an aspect of the program that is particularly beneficial for investors.
STEP 1: Contracting
(a) Background / eligibility check
(b) Opening of a personal bank account

STEP 2: Acquisition of bonds
(c) Signing of agreement
(d) payment of processing fees
(e) Investment is authorized

STEP 3: Preparation of documents
(f) Documentation
(g) Medical insurance

STEP 4: Submission and examination of the application
(h) Submission
(i) Examination

STEP 5: Issuance of the Residence Permit
(j) Approval
(k) Notice of approval
(l) Visit to Hungary
(m) Biometric Data
(n) Residence Permit Card

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